Cut Flowers Industry and the Global Pandemic of 2020

For thousands of years, flowers have been a way of expressing love and affection.

However, COVID-19 has changed that.

Flowers everywhere are being thrown away every day. Every person whose work has something to do with flowers is being affected. Every year, in Aalsmeer, the largest flower auction in the world is held.

However, this year was the first time ever they were throwing the product away. Because of that, the hashtag #buyflowersnottoiletpaper was born, urging people to keep consuming flowers to showcase their love for others. Every flower farmer in the world is being seriously affected by this crisis.

While we are living this pandemic, we are also wondering what the world is going to look like after it’s all over.

Will things go back to normal?

What is normal anyway?

We are realizing there is a lot that can be done at home and the impact responsible decisions can have on the planet’s contamination problem.

A lot of jobs are disappearing, and new ones are emerging. Needs are changing and the economy is being affected, supply and demand is not the same that it was just 30 days ago.

We have lived in this world for so long and suddenly everything has changed. But one thing is certain, the flowers market will be reborn and will continue to grow.

Call me a romantic, but I believe people want to celebrate life and love. I believe in big romantic gestures that involve one thousand yellow flowers and gifting a bouquet on a first date.

A flower can brighten anyone’s day, we have been gifting them for thousands of years and using them to celebrate and show our love.

A flower is and will always be, the perfect gift.

I hope we can forever remember the spring of 2020 when everything seemed hopeless and people were scared but flowers started blooming anyway to remind us there is still beauty even when the world seems broken.

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